I Questioned God Today

By Harriett V. Bennett

I questioned God today
But wouldn’t be still long enough to hear what He had to say
I thought I was angry with Him
Because my life seemed so grim
And my state of mind was equally gray

I questioned God today
And a still small voice, responded, “Daughter, pray.”
For the answer you seek
Racking your brain, from week to weak
Lies in your heart, for there, I am never far away

Maybe you feel in your life you’ve been short-changed
By one challenge after another, that you didn’t arrange
And your plan of attack
Has generally been to fight back
But that’s not God’s doing, although I know it sounds strange

God can handle your questions, just be open with Him
And when He answers, don’t shut Him out, let Him in
Follow His lead, and stop stressing
And you’ll find out just how much obedience can be a blessing
For victory trumps defeat, again and again

I heard from God today
Because I now choose to embrace life, come what may
For while this painful lot appears to be my fate
It’s only for a season, for the Bible says, on the Lord, wait
Be of good courage, deliverance will soon come my way

Have you questioned God lately?
From: The Truth About Onions by Harriett V. Bennett,  © August 2010.  

Harriett Veronica (H.V.) Bennett is also the author of  “A Love Deferred” (see right column) and a psalmist on The Experience Praise Team.  She is a member of Carolina Missionary Baptist Church in Fort Washington, MD. 


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