Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready for The Experience!!!

by Lisa Banks Williams

So are you really ready?  Maybe you’re not, but God is ready for you.  Have you been struggling with an issue all by yourself?  Are you feeling that no one knows what you are going through or feeling?  Are you tried to trying to gain a victory over an area of your life and you have no idea how you are going to make it? Well my sister, the Lord is calling you!  Come to The Experience!

He wants us to have victory.   He says we should praise Him now because He always causes us to be victorious in Him.  The problem is we are typically too busy trying to make it work ourselves.  Try Jesus! He says He is the way, the truth, and the life.  If your way, your life and your truth aren’t working for you, we offer you Jesus.  He is the only one I know that can change your ways, change your life and lets you tell the truth about it.

You see, Jesus changed my life when He showed me another way to live and another way to love.  I was tired of people-pleasing and man-pleasing specifically.  I had every kind of bad relationship there was.  I didn’t know who I was in Christ and I certainly didn’t act like I belonged to him.  But one day the Lord told me that if I wanted to have a king, I had to act like a queen!  If I wanted to have joy, I needed to believe that I could have it!   If I wanted to be loved, I had to know what it meant to be loved by Him first.  Ladies, it was hard to turn from my way of doing things and do it God’s way.  It was hard to look at myself in the mirror and see who I was.  It was hard to believe that there was a God who loved me in spite of me.   He is the Lord Jesus Christ and I have not been the same since.  He says taste and see that the Lord is good.  My heavenly Father is a gourmet cook.  He served up just what I needed!

Come to The Experience!  You will hear nothing but the truth about how Jesus changed our lives, changed our hearts and changed our walk.  The Experience is not a conference and it’s not a production.  It is about women just like you who struggle, but are saved by grace and tickled to talk about it.

We are praying for you, for your healing and for your restoration in the Lord.  When you feel that tug to come to The Experience don’t fight it; don’t try to figure it out. The Lord is calling you!

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready and come on!  The Experience is just for YOU!

See you in October!

(You can register at

Lisa Banks Williams is an advanced practice nurse who works with soldiers that suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and their families.  She is an educator and an author of several articles.  Lisa serves and worships at Sharon Bible Fellowship Church in Lanham, Maryland  and will be one of the speakers at The Experience.    

Question for Comment:  What do you expect to learn at The Experience women’s conference?


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