Prayer – It’s the Real Thing!

by Brenda Diggs

Prayer is a powerful, under-utilized weapon in the believer’s arsenal that can change the believer, give peace in the midst of turmoil, alter the course of nations, and win souls for Christ.

Prayer is bringing the ‘I AM’ into everyday situations; it is learning God, rather than learning about God.

Prayer is a privilege granted by a merciful God who longs to be intimately involved with His Creation.

Prayer is my garden of Eden when I can take a spiritual walk with the Creator. God speaks to me in a quiet voice that causes me to stop and pay attention. Sometimes I have to strain to hear Him because of the noise and distractions that would drown out His voice if I let them.

Through prayer, I am developing spiritual ears, much like one who has a deficit in a physical sense and the other senses become more acute to compensate for the loss.

God is the consummate Maestro who desires His creation to be in harmony with Himself and each other. Prayer is the tuning fork that adjusts the Christian’s tone to God’s divine melody. When there is harmony between the Supernatural and the natural, prayer is transformed from mere powerless human words into a pleasing sound that moves the hand of God much like a conductor in front of an orchestra or a director in front of a choir.

Prayer tunes the heart of the Christian to sing in concert with the Holy Spirit which produces effective, prevailing prayer that accomplishes the will of God.

A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian. Prayer is the Christian’s lifeline; to not pray is to cut the power.

Prayer is not an obligatory ritual for the Christian, but rather joyous anticipation, like ticket holders entering the concert hall as privileged patrons.

 A native North Carolinian, Brenda hold a degree in Religious Studies with a concentration in Christian Education. She is a passionate Bible Teacher, Conference/Retreat Speaker, Community Advocate, and Former Public Relations Practitioner. She is a member of Unity Free Will Baptist Church in Greenville, N.C.

Question for Comment: What has prayer done for you?

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