We Need To Be Prayer Warriors!

Praying Hands
Image by C Jill Reed via Flickr

by Chris Allen

 Praise the Lord and welcome to AWIC’s message of prayer.  For this is your prelude to your date with destiny. For prayer is your preparation for all things.  So the purpose of this message is to teach you to a Prayer Warrior.  The Lord told me to break it down using the word PURPOSE.


P – PRAYER WARRIOR You must seek God for guidance for healing and restoration for you can do nothing unless the Lord so orders.  How can you do that without prayer? For prayer is your communication with God.  Prayer is your intimacy with God. Prayer gets answers from God.  Prayer moves the hand of God and invites Him in to take action.  Prayer puts you in the very presence of God.  For the Word says to pray always with all kinds of prayers and supplications. WE NEED TO BE PRAYER WARRIORS!

U- USED OF GOD – God desires to use you as a vessel. Again, you need to be a Prayer Warriors.  God can’t use just any vessel. He can’t use vessels that will leaks when He fulfills His Purpose. For a broken heart leaks issues. And God wants to mend your leaking heart. God wants you to be made whole.  How can you be made whole unless you pray? WE NEED TO BE PRAYER WARRIORS!

R – READY – You must be ready to do the things God tells you to do so. You must be ready to tell that person you are sorry even when you weren’t wrong.  Be ready to forgive another’s offenses as Christ has forgiven you. Be ready to not be so easily offended.  Be ready to let that man, woman or thing go which you know is not good for your lives.  Be ready to allow God to reach deep down in you to reveal dead issues that you nurse and won’t release.  Be ready to share those things about yourself that are not so pretty; things you don’t want others to know. Why?  So God can show you what real love is.  You need to be real with God, so you can be real with yourself and real with others. WE NEED TO BE PRAYER WARRIORS!

P – PEACE – You need to receive the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.  Many of you have not known peace. You are broken, bruised and battered. You are torn, scared and broken hearted. But Jesus has left you His peace.  He says “Peace I leave you. My peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives do I give. So not let your hearts be troubled nor let it be afraid.” You need to have peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with your fellow man.  But how can you know this peace unless you pray.  WE NEED TO BE PRAYER WARRIORS!

O – OBEDIENT – You need to be obedient to His Holy Spirit and ordered by His Word.  For the Word says obedience is better than sacrifice. For obedience is the key to your deliverance.  How can you hear from the Holy Spirit unless you pray? For the Word says the Spirit also helps in your weaknesses.  But how can you know your weaknesses unless you pray for them to be revealed.  WE NEED TO BE PRAYER WARRIORS!

S – SURRENDER – You need to surrender your will to the Lord.  For He desires to heal your brokenness. For He desires to mold you into the people of God He has called you to be.  But the Holy Spirit will not override what you decide. You must surrender your will to the Lord.  But how can you know what His will is unless you pray? WE NEED TO BE PRAYER WARRIORS!!

E – EASY – You need to be easy to get along with, easy to love, and easy to listen. Not always bickering, grumbling, murmuring, complaining, backbiting and gossiping. God can’t speak to you when you are not calm. You can’t hear His voice when you are out of control and flying off the handle every time adversity strikes and it WILL. Things don’t always go your way and according to your plans. For anything you do for God will be tested. WE NEED TO BE PRAYER WARRIORS!



Question for Comment: Are you satisfied with your prayer life?  How has this post helped you with your prayer life? 


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