To The Finish and Beyond……..

by Sharman J. Monroe

A few weeks ago I suddenly heard a still, small voice say, “You don’t finish what you start”.  I started thinking and realized this statement was very accurate.  I made a list projects I had started over the past two years and along with the vision I had when I started them.  To my surprise, the list contained eight major incomplete projects.  I saw a pattern.  I’m excited when I get a new idea and start working on it to bring it to life.  I eagerly write out the necessary actions, a to-do list, to make the idea a reality.  Clear visions dance in my head of what is to come as a result of this new project.  Sometimes I add way-in-the-future actions to my list.  I am excited!  I rack up check marks because I faithfully complete each step to get the project up.  After the project basics are done, I start working on the main thing, the project.  And I work and work and work and…..then I stop.  God’s statement to me, “you don’t finish what you start”, made me realize when the visions I have when I start a project don’t materialize after three months, I begin to doubt.  I doubt my abilities (what am I doing. wrong? what is wrong with me?) and to question starting the project (maybe this wasn’t such a good idea cause nothing is happening).  Then I give up.  The project gets shelved and forgotten.  Needless to say, my confidence takes a beating and I feel defeated.  As I write this, I realize, I also feel unfulfilled.

My reflections brought me to this revelation: God can’t trust me to finish an assignment so He doesn’t give me additional ones or bigger ones.  I am blocking my blessings.

God calls each of us to be excellent at all times (Daniel 5:12, 14).  He calls us to be obedient (Deut. 28:1), to be diligent (Prov. 12:27; 21:5), and to walk with integrity.  (Prov. 19:1).  He has equipped us to do all the assignments He gives us (2 Corinth. 3:4; Ephe. 2:10), but more importantly, He has given us His strength to accomplish them. (Gal. 2:20).  

The enemy’s job is to steal, kill and destroy us and our testimony.  His job is to stop us from doing anything that brings glory to God. (John 10:10).   He is very good and very subtle in his work. He causes us to doubt (I can’t do this. I don’t know what I am doing) and to question (who am I? what am I doing?)  This is the same old game he played on mankind in the garden.  And when we play his game, we loose.  Well, I don’t want to play anymore.  I don’t want my blessing blocked.

I know the ideas I get are from God to bring glory to Him because each of them add value to other people.  My New Year’s resolution is simple:  I will finish what I start.  I am beginning with my eight incomplete projects. I liked them when I started them and they still excite me now.


8 thoughts on “To The Finish and Beyond……..

  1. This put one of my MAIN issues right in my face Sharman. Years ago I sat in the Eatery at Union Staion in D.C., looked my girlfriend square in the eye and told her that,”I want to be a finisher.” Well, years later it has happened in some cases, but the main things that God has given me to share with others more widely, i.e., my writing and my music, hasn’t. Yes, I go through activity “spurts” where I am so invigorated and determined and moving in it and then it’s as if I crash and burn and something else distracts me and I’m pulled into other or other’s projects. A finisher — where the plans that God has for me are not fully realized because I keep getting in my own way. Thanks for doing a virtual shake and helping me to get a grip, get up and go! Write on, write on! Smooches, Harriett

    1. I am so happy, and moved, that this post helped put you back on the right track! Although we all want to be excellent instruments of God, He can’t give us additional things to do until the last thing is done. (maybe because they are, unbeknownst to us, interconnected??) So we must remember to go back & finish things, to be excellent FINISHERS!

  2. My God! Thank you dear sister for posting this. Everything you wrote is exactly what I’ve been going through.I recently received a book idea from the Lord through an open vision and I too was excited and began working on it, when all of a sudden fear that I couldn’t do it and wasn’t equipped to do it, doubt that maybe it was my own idea and God didn’t give it to me…the works! But this post has given me the P.U.S.H. I needed and I am thanking God for you and this post!

    1. What’s very funny is – I went back and forth with myself on whether I should share this post. Finally, I just decided to do it. I am so glad my post helped you! Remember now, once you start your book, or any other thing, you MUST finish it so you can bring glory to God. With that in mind, I can’t wait to read your book.

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