A Day of Discovery

by Sharman J. Monroe

Tuesday morning I woke up and turned on TV to get the weather forecast. I heard on the news that the shuttle Discovery was being flown from Florida to Washington, D.C. on the back of a 747 and would be here around 10:45 a.m. Wow! I immediately thought I would love to see that. I am really into all things about space (space travel, Star Trek, Star Wars) and seeing a space shuttle being carried on the back of an airplane completely excites me. Then the newscaster said the shuttle was landing at Dulles International Airport. Well, Dulles is about an hour’s drive from my house and I wasn’t even out of bed yet. Oh well, I thought that counts me out.

I turned off the TV and I got out of bed to start my day.  I thought about washing my car early to get that task out of the way, but I looked out in the backyard and my daughter had put the dog outside already. You see, I have to open the back gate to wash the car and the dog definitely will not stay in the yard and once you bring him in the house, he won’t go back out.  While I was still debating with myself, I went moved my car closer to my back gate just in case I washed my car later during the day. It was surprisingly warm outside and I thought I can just bring the dog inside now. After all, he doesn’t run things here.

I brought the dog in and went outside to wash my car. As I was drying the car, I heard a low rumbling over my head. I looked up and it was a very, very low flying airplane. I realized it was the 747 carrying the space shuttle. It was flying over my house! The Discovery was flying over my house! I got to see the space shuttle being carried on the back of the 747 and its jet escort! I was so excited! I went in the house and sent text messages telling everyone what I just saw.

Then I started to cry. (I’m crying as I write this).  God heard my small insignificant want that was not even a request, not even a prayer.  If I didn’t see the Discovery it would not have mattered. But God heard me and answered. He brought the space shuttle to me, to my house.  I couldn’t have planned the sighting from my house if I had tried. I had turned the TV off before the news was finished and didn’t know the 747 would be flying low of Washington, D.C. and didn’t know its flight path. (Later I found out only two locations were mentioned as a place to see the shuttle fly by on the news and neither were near my home).  God heard me.  God knew what would bring me immense joy and He delivered.  In hindsight, I realize the Holy Spirit was telling me to go and wash my car because God had a surprise for me.

 Seeing the space shuttle made me truly understand that God wants to be part of our everyday life, no matter how mundane to us.  God hears each of our wants and desires, no matter how small. God wants to give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4), no matter how small.

 So the next time you hope you can find a parking space in front of that building where parking is hard to find, remember God heard you.

Space Shuttle Discovery 2 - #108
Space Shuttle Discovery 2 - #108 (Photo credit: Patrick DB)

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