How To Finish

By Sharman J. Monroe

A lot of comments came in on my earlier post, To The Finish and Beyond…..  People felt that finishing everything you start was an excellent way to live and decided to do so in their lives.  Well, it’s May and so far I have stuck to my challenge.  Since January, I have finished many projects I’ve started.  For the projects I haven’t finished, I’m aware they are outstanding and am still working on them.  I even went back to the eight incomplete projects I talked about in my post and completed four of them!

Some of you may be thinking that finishing everything you start is an impossible task to do, but it really isn’t.  If you feel up for the challenge, then here are some tips to help you succeed:

1. Record commitments and activities.  Write all your commitments and activities on a calendar or in a planner when you make the commitment or start the activity. These commitments and activities include your New Year’s resolutions, as well as the stuff of everyday life: chair the block party committee, paint the deck, create a Facebook profile, clean out your closet, etc.  Keep your calendar or planner visible to you everyday, if not weekly, to remind yourself to do them.  Remember, you are recording commitments to make sure they are completed.  You are not recording them to set due dates.  However, if you want to add a due date, you can.  It’s not about how fast you finish; it’s about finishing.

2. Stop and think. Before you make a new commitment or add another activity to your life, stop and think – will I finish this task given everything else I have to do?  If your answer is yes, add it!   If your answer is no, don’t do it or maybe delay it to a time when you activity load is lighter.

3. Do an end-of-the-month inventory.  At the end of the month, review calendar or planner to see which commitments and activities you finished.  This review takes in all the commitments you have made since you started this challenge.  For each task you finished, put the finish date next to it!  Go a step further and put a red line through it! Reward yourself! (Go have a Rita’s Ice)  For those tasks you didn’t finish, write two things you can do within the next 30 days to move them to completion.

I use these tips everyday.  I hope you will too.

Question for Comment: Did you join in the challenge to finish everything you start after reading the earlier post?  If yes, do you have any tips to add?  If not, did these tips persuade you to join the challenge?

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