On The Radio!

We are so excited!

Sharman J. Monroe, the manager and one of the writers, of the AWIC blog will be the special guest on The G Factor Network, an internet radio show dedicated to fostering spiritual dialogue and spreading God’s Word!

TV01 Christian Network Broadcast invites you to:





6:30 p.m. (est)

To Participate:

1) Dial (724) 444-7444 then enter Call ID 110794# OR

2) Visit  http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/110794

“I tell you when God calls you, he always have a vision for you, and he always have a provision for others to see, Sister Monroe has been given a vision and the world has seen the light and glory of God through out the joy of being a servant of God. Come and hear this Powerful Sister, share a message of love, faith and spiritual women life style.”

Brother Smith and Brother Water

of The G Factor Network

Not only does Ms. Monroe manage the AWIC blog, she also writes a blog on personal development called My Journey to Me – The Discovery.  Join her on The G Factor Network as she talks and answers your questions about personal development from God’s point of view and her upcoming book.

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