As we are blessed to start a new year of life, let’s remember we are to be excellent!

Anointed Women in Christ Blog

by Sharman J. Monroe

A few weeks ago I suddenly heard a still, small voice say, “You don’t finish what you start”.  I started thinking and realized this statement was very accurate.  I made a list projects I had started over the past two years and along with the vision I had when I started them.  To my surprise, the list contained eight major incomplete projects.  I saw a pattern.  I’m excited when I get a new idea and start working on it to bring it to life.  I eagerly write out the necessary actions, a to-do list, to make the idea a reality.  Clear visions dance in my head of what is to come as a result of this new project.  Sometimes I add way-in-the-future actions to my list.  I am excited!  I rack up check marks because I faithfully complete each step to get the project up.  After…

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