I Love Me

by Brenda L. Wells

At times I look in the mirror and ask the question “WHY?”

Did God give the shape and the color of my eyes.

Then I look at the length and texture of my hair;

The style and size of my body wondering who really cares?

Do these physical qualities define the person I see;

Do they even matter, as long as I Love Me.

Sometimes I think in my mind, “Why did I do that?”

And begin feeling guilty while trying to regain my self-respect,

Why did I permit others to take advantage or give them the control;

Worrying what they thought about me; allowing fear to take hold.

Although I’ve made some wrong decisions, I won’t let go of my destiny;

I know in my heart I’ll succeed in this life, because I still Love Me.

How can I say I love God; but Him I have not seen;

And not like my brothers and sisters who like me are human beings.

Tell me, how can I love them; if to my own self I’m not true;

I must know Love, to show love in what I give, say and do.

How can I share more with God’s creation in the earth, sky and sea;

When I need to learn and discover first how do I Love Me?

By realizing, I was meticulously crafted by The Master’s Hand;

Knowing I am an original work of art designed with a breathtaking plan.

Created special with a purpose that only I can fulfill;

“Love” formed me in excellence to complete His perfect will.

I accept that I am different and there are some things I’ll never be;

But that’s okay, because my love toward others comes with me loving me.


Reprinted with permission of Brenda L. Wells. Ms. Wells is a minister, poet, author and playwright, and co-founder of Business Women in the World (www.bwitw.com/) ministry.  She can be heard Saturdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on The S.H.A.R.E. Broadcast on Spirit 1400 AM – WWIN.

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