What’s Your Status?

What’s Your Status?

By: Chris Allen

“What’s your status?” is not only a popular term on Facebook, but also amongst people; Are you still single? You’re not married yet? When are you going to settle down? Are you still married to ________? As if the answer will somehow determine your state of being or they will determine based on your answer that you are doing ok.

Your status does not determine your happiness, joy or contentment or at least it shouldn’t. In Phil. 4:11 Paul says “I have learned to be content in whatever state I find myself in.” There is nothing on earth that last forever. We don’t know from moment to moment where we will end up in life or where this life will take us. For those of you who are married, you could suddenly find yourself single via divorce or becoming widowed. I know firsthand being previously married for 20 years and finding myself single for the last 2 years via divorce and it was not my idea. That is why it is so important that we know who we are in Christ, so no matter what comes or who goes we will be able to carry on, because we understand who and where our source of contentment lies –  in the One who never changes, never moves; He is our firm foundation.

For those of you who are single, you can suddenly find yourself walking down the aisle with the one you have been waiting and praying for, but know this upfront, MARRIAGE IS NOT A CURE FOR SINGLENESS! You better know who you are and be whole in Christ, and so should the one you intend to marry. . Marriage will not complete you, nor is it the other person’s job or mandate to do so.. God will make sure of it.  He will never allow anything or anyone, but Him to complete you or fill those voids in you.

Don’t let married people fool you Singles!  I know because I lived as a married person for far more years than as a single person.  As a single person, I have some of the very same struggles I had when I was married, some even more so as a married person. I have been at times desperately lonely when I was married.  I have only experienced times of loneliness as a single because I know where my source contentment lies.  I am now whole and complete in Christ.

So remember that God purposely put in us an empty space that God and God alone can completely fill. God did this because, although He has given us free will of choice, His desire is for us to choose Him to fill that space.  When we try to fill that space with everything but God it will lead us to live empty and defeated lives chasing only what God can give us. We fall into the sin of idolatry, putting people, places and things in the place of God. “God is the most consistent, constant, unshakable, unchanging, immovable person in our lives; everything else is subject to change, to move, and to shift.

So it is not of matter of status. It’s a matter of knowing where your source of contentment lies and choosing to become a person wholly and fully filled with God Himself! Eph. 3:19

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Status?

  1. Chris, this blog was marvelously on time. Only God can fill the void He created in us. Nothing and no one can do the job adequately or permanently. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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