Tam’s Tidbits


by Tammy A. Phillips

Young people often think they can do all things, all at once. Well. I was no exception.   In the late 1970’s I was a member of a professional theatre company, consistently wrote plays and poems, worked in a government agency and was a full-time student. Often my peace of mind was shaken by my feelings of inadequacy.

One day while driving I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car that read: IF YOU WANT PEACE OF MIND, CALL THIS NUMBER. A few decades before cellphones, I struggled to remember the telephone number and the ministry name: S.K. Hawthorne Ministries.   I made it home and called the number. The counselor invited me to the ministry office where she and others invited me to know peace with God through a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.

Someone in 1978 used a bumper sticker to draw others to Jesus. What do we have available to us today?

An inmate came to know Jesus because someone slid the book, Peace With God, by Billy Graham into this cell. A man knows Jesus today because someone left a track on a restaurant table. A young man became a Christian because he lived with a loving couple for over a year who gave him the time to see the Gospel lived out in their lives before saying a word to him about following Christ. Victims of crime were open to hearing the Gospel because volunteers showed God’s love in helping them restore their crime-ravished homes. Many children and their parents accept the Savior yearly through Christmas gift giving programs. Millions donate to organizations that are dedicated to bringing the Word of God to every corner of the world.

Gospel messages are texted, emailed, postal-mailed, podcasted, Skyped, blogged, YouTubed, preached, taught and sang every minute, somewhere around the world. So there is no reason, with all we have available to us, for us not to be presenting the Gospel often. We do not have to be a singer or a preacher or an ordained minister. We can just be ourselves, living our lives, using what we have in our hands.

What do you have?  Do you have Christian material you can share at a hospital or a prison? Do you have time to show love to someone who is in crisis? Do you keep updated, attractive tracks with you to use when a God-given opportunity arises? Do you have the gift of giving or the gift of hospitality? Do you text or have an email, Facebook, Twitter or blog account? Whatever you have, whoever you are, you can use it to spread the Gospel.

Minister Hawthorne and Mommy died within days of each other in September 1992. Both were instrumental in giving me life. You can be involved in introducing others to eternal life.  Just use what you have!

Question for Comment: What is your favorite way to share the Gospel?

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