Phases of Next

by Kristen M. Green, MBA

For those of us that are stuck in the place of deliberation, stuck hypothesizing the possibility; there is a remedy. I, yes I, have been stuck. There were many days that went by after I had written out this book, by hand, that I would not start the process of typing it. I blamed being tired, I blamed not having the money to edit/publish once I finished typing, and I blamed the fact that no one would buy it or read it. But eventually the registration of those thoughts/questions in my head got cancelled. I knew that this journey was mine to live and to write. This book is my place called next. It was not my job to determine what would happen when I got there. I just had to get there. So I started to type again; because this place was purposed in my mind. Just like your place called next. It is purposed in your mind. You are the only one to have that thought for you. You didn’t have the thought for anyone but you. The place called next that you have acknowledged was designed for you. It is yours to obtain!

Let me answer one of the questions you may encounter during this deliberation phase. Yes, there is someone doing the exact same thing that you have defined as your place called next. The rebuttal to that is, they are not you doing it. They cannot do it like you will do it, because they are not you doing it. What those doing it stands to indicate for you are, doing this is possible. That you can be successful doing this. However, some of us; myself included, use this to prohibit progress. I had to remind myself time and time again that it’s my place called next. Nobody can occupy my place, their place is theirs to occupy, and it has nothing to do with me occupying mine.


Excerpt used by permission from the book, “The Place Called Next”, by Kristen M. Green, MBA. To purchase  copy, go to The Place Called Next.

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