It’s A New Year 2018— The Year of New Beginnings

by Min. Chris Allen

I remember eight years ago being at a muscular sclerosis conference with my mother, who had been diagnosed with the disease, and as the presenters were sharing information, the Holy Spirit started downloading a vision that I wrote on the pad provided for us to take notes on. By the time He finished, Anointed Women In Christ (AWIC) was birthed. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get out of there to share with my best friend what God had given me. And we hit the ground running! We registered the business ministry, developed a team, and set the launch for November 2011. But little did I know at the time what it would cost me in order for it to become reality. Divorce, betrayal, sabotage, loss of stuff, people, places and things and dying to flesh. God had to kick all the props from under me to teach me that He alone is my source and none of what He promised would happen without me being totally dependent and obedient to Him. Fast forward to August of 2016. God said to me, “It’s time to rebirth and launch what I gave you.” God had not changed His mind; He changed me. I want to share with you the three P’s that helped me to make the vision of AWIC a reality: pray, plan and prepare.

  1. Pray – You must consult God. How can we know that what you have declared is in the will of God if you never ask Him first? Man plans his ways, but God orders his steps. In order for your plans to be successful, they must be ordered by God. How can you know that if you haven’t consulted with Him first in prayer?
  2. Plan – It amazes me how people make resolutions and declarations with no plan on how to carry them out. If you make a resolution to lose weight, how do you plan to do it? Are you planning to cut things out of your diet, join a gym, or walk three times a week? If you want to open a business, have you started researching how to get started? If one fails to plan, then one plans to fail.
  3. Prepare – You have to prepare for the changes that are going to come as a result of the prayer and plans you have implemented. You have to be prepared for the opportunities that will arise. If you are believing for more preaching engagements, then you need to make sure you are studying and preparing messages. If you are believing for more business to come your way, then you need to be prepared to render the services that are going to be requested.

In this new year of 2018, let’s make our resolutions and declarations come into reality. Repeat after me: this year I will Pray, Plan and Prepare!


Minister Chris Allen, co-founder of AWIC, worships at Sharon Bible Fellowship Church in Maryland.

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