Cleansing To Closure

by Harriett V. Bennett

Why is it often so tempting to consider dabbling in past behaviors that can only produce the same dissatisfying, present-day results?  Well, here is my 5 cents therapy tidbit:  you never completed the process between beginning the “cleansing” to finally realize undeniable “closure”.   Consider these five things in your “cleansing process:

Ruptured Relationship:  No human can satisfy the desires of your heart until your heart is at rest in Christ.

Radical Restoration:  You can identify signs towards closure, working through and walking in your restoration.

Renewed Radiance: He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed and in deed! Refresh! Mask Off!  Get Your Glow On!

Recipe For Resilience:  Must Have Ingredients — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Next —Faith, Trust, and Obedience.  ALL blending to perfection, to recover from anything.

Rejoicing in Rebirth: ‘Right’ the vision, make it plain…and stick with it, in spite of obstacles.  Someone else’s deliverance may be connected to your release.

This isn’t just about declaring you can ‘take it or leave it.’  The fact that you might consciously or subconsciously entertain such a tenuous position, probably means that any fleeting thought of taking it (back), no matter how much time has passed, challenges whether your resolve is as strong as you thought it was.  Ephesians 4:23 (NIV) charges (us) “to be made new in the attitude of (our) minds”.   Translation: It ain’t over until that period you put at the end of your final declaration (of independence) is a dot written in indelible ink. So close the book, bang the gavel, high-five, padlock the door, throw away that key, get in your car like the sista did at the end of The Family That Preys flick, drive off into the sunset and don’t even consider looking back like Lot’s wife because your for real, for real victory is always in mooooving forward. Exhale —  that’s Closure. Be Blessed!


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