Day 11 Proverbs Challenge: Open Your Hand

by Sharman J. Monroe

“There is the one who [generously] scatters [abroad], and yet increases all the more;
And there is the one who withholds what is justly due, but it results only in want and poverty.”

Proverbs 11:24 (AMP)

The world economy is self-based. Get stuff and keep your stuff to yourself. After all, you worked for it. Make sure your stuff is bigger and better than your neighbor’s stuff. Hoard your money, time, skills and talents. There’s no such thing as free; everything has a price tag attached to it. I got mine and no one helped me so I’m not gonna help you get yours.

God’s economy, however, is selfless-based. God’s economy is based on giving. When you give cheerfully without ulterior motives you will receive (2 Corinth. 9:6). Giving shows that your trust is not in your stuff, but in God. You trust God to provide for all your needs as He promised. There’s a saying that you can’t give or receive with a closed hand. Open your hand today. Look around you to see where you can give — money, time, skills, knowledge — and watch the blessings flow to you.

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