Day 23 Proverbs Challenge: Do What Jesus Did

by Sharman J. Monroe

“My son, give me your heart,
And let your eyes observe my ways.”

Proverbs 23:26 (NKJV)

We face thousands of questions everyday. Should I wear this or that? Should I take quit this job for another? Should I leave this marriage or stay and work on it? Should I get a new car? Should I straighten out the person spreading lies about me? Should I help my brother . . . again? Should I buy that house? How can I get back the friend who betrayed me? Should I just turn my back on my drug-addicted or alcohol-addicted child? Should I just give up all hope that things will change for the better?

The Bible has the answers to all these questions. Of course, the answers don’t just pop out at you — Psalm 199:1 “Ye shall wear the comfortable shoes today.” Would be nice though. You have to read the Bible and reread it. You have to study the meaning of the words used and the study the culture, traditions, mores and history during which the various book were written. You have to meditate, think about, what you read. You have to ask the Holy Spirit for insight into the Bible; He’ll provide it. And then there’s Jesus.

Jesus came not only to save us from death caused by sin, but also to show us how it’s supposed to be done. He was the perfect example. He came as a babe and experienced everything we experience. He had a mom and a dad and siblings (Luke 2:1-5, 19:20). I’m sure His parents corrected Him when He was a child. He went to sleep at night, woke up in the morning, ate and went to work as a carpenter. He had friends (John 11:1-11; John 15:15). He got angry (Matthew 21:12-13; Mark 3:4-5). He cried (John 11:35). He was tempted to sin (Luke 4:1-13). People lied about Him, abandoned Him, abused Him, talked about Him, betrayed Him. And Jesus showed us exactly how to respond to people and to life’s situations in a way that is not sinful and brings glory to God. He even showed us exactly how to respond to Satan’s temptations.

So when you need an answer, look at Jesus. Ask Him for guidance and do what He did.

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