No Comparison

by Shannon Wilkerson

It is far too common for women to measure their own value based on another woman’s accomplishments, her family unit, the way that she looks, her income etc. If we could only see ourselves the way that God sees us, how awesome would that be? Everyone’s purpose is different. So, why are you constantly comparing yourself to other women and fighting for a position? God has already placed you where He needs you to be. You don’t have to fight for it! It’s yours!

Don’t look at other people’s glitter and, sometimes fake, gold and feel like you are behind in your journey. Instead look at how far God has brought you! Remember when you couldn’t pay your bills or when you were still in that bad relationship that clearly wasn’t for you? Look back on those days and laugh at how the devil tried to hold you back from living in your purpose.

Maybe you are currently still in that place. At any time, you can change your situation. You have the tools to do it. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” Proverbs 18:21 (AMP). Speak life into your situation and shine the light on dark places. Use your words to affirm and encourage yourself and your decision to make better choices. Don’t look back! Your purpose lies ahead.

Most importantly, remember that there is only one you. Many of us are blessed with similar gifts and talents that align to our purpose, but only you can work your purpose like you do! Instead of making comparisons between yourself and other women, focus on being the best possible you. In that lane is where you will be able to shine your brightest!


Shannon Wilkerson, a native Washingtonian, is a former educator and the founder of The Shanni Wilke Company, LLC. Shannon specializes in activating one’s purpose and helping women to make their wildest dreams a reality. She is the author of “Believe In Your Purpose: A Guide to Successful Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship” and the companion journal “Work Your Purpose”. She can be reached at

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