Anything But Contempt

We did it y’all! Anointed Women In Christ (AWIC)!! July marked one whole year in ministry together —  Hootie Hoo!

Still thanking GOD for our faithful supporters. And, of course each of my AWIC sisters: Chris Allen, Latricia Bailey, Lynnete McCollum, and Tammy Phillips, for the depth of love, respect, and admiration I’ve come to feel for each of you. We’ve gone through some things in our first year “learning” each other and have come out #AWICStrongER2Gether!

And yet, what popped into my head as I looked at the wonderful photos, and played back the best anniversary show ever, was “familiarity breeds contempt”. In other words, the better we know someone, the more likely we are to find faults and dislike things about them. BUT- – HOLD UP GOD! That can’t possibly be the right “morning glory” response to all that love and great sharing over the past twelve months of AWIC experiences that we highlighted during the recent anniversary show (see link below).

GOD, your presence was felt in the studio as always. You knew what we would share before we had even thought about it. We sipped sparkling cider (it really was non-alcoholic folks), laughed and reminisced, as people with wonderful memories often do. So, where in the world I ask, did that contempt thought come from?

And then, my Aha! moment. Of course! It surely had to be a latent reaction from breaking my own late-night consumption rules, after I happily devoured delicious celebratory ice cream and cake shortly before midnight. Translation — indigestion. But it wasn’t. The body remained settled. The mind, not so much. What was still unsettling was that phrase that stayed fresh in my thoughts: familiarity breeds contempt.

Proverbs 4:7 (KJV) tells us “in all thy getting, get understanding,” so my daily devotional took a slight detour for the answer.

I was struck by the insight from best-selling Christian author, Max Lucado, on this topic. He cited Mark 6:1-6, where the people kept flip-flopping about Jesus, right there in His hometown of Nazareth — on one hand, knowing about miracles credited to Him, and His inspired teaching, but just as easily on the other hand, dismissing Him because they chose not to believe that this carpenter, this commoner, could have possibly done anything of this magnitude.

Because they had been around Jesus and his family for years, they could only see Him as just another face in the neighborhood, just like them — ordinary. They were offended (and a little jealous) to think that any one could/would hold Him in high esteem, regardless of what others said He’d done or was prophesied to do. Lucado wrote: “Familiarity breeding contempt is a clear and present danger. Lives are put in jeopardy because we underestimate familiarity’s threat.” That threat also came from those in his household—His siblings.

The charge to every divinely-appointed servant is not to be sidetracked by those who claim an acquaintance, in past or present tense. None of that knowledge, perceived or actual, affords them a right to direct or discredit your purposed-driven path. Truth is, you can tell any story about you better than they can. You lived it up close and personal, and made it through, stronger. Stay focused and prayerful.

Finally, Lucado added: “we can’t afford to become lazy in worship because it is work. Taking things, people, and God for granted is a work of the enemy. That is why we must work harder at giving thanks for everything, prizing people, seeing the big in the small, and worshipping God as our chief joy.”

To our supporters, a heartfelt thanks and appreciation. To my AWIC sisters, remember Romans 12:5 (NIV): “so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member, belongs to all the others.” May we continue to stand and grow “together-together”, as we move into our second year, “rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15). It will only strengthens our resolve if, when seeing one of us at her worse or weakest, we lock arms to cover each other in prayer, and then, keep stickin’ and movin’! Jesus did. GOD uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Anything but contempt. Now that is “GooseBump-Bad” Gospel! Stand and Withstand!! There’s more to come.

Wordzwoman-Harriett Bennett

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Wordzwoman – Harriett Bennett is the official name for the ministry of words as an Author, Spoken Word Artist, Vocalist, Dramatist, and Voice-Over Talent of Harriett Bennett. Contact her on Facebook @ Wordzwoman-Harriett Bennett or by  email at

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