Mirroring: Your True Self

by Jesmina Hebbert Meade

It is a fact that what you see in the mirror is the true self of a person or something. We always use the term “mirrors don’t lie.” However, do others see the same thing in you that you see in yourself?

Every morning when I opened my eyes, the first I saw was my reflection in the mirror. I had a mirror facing my bed and, at times, in the night when I woke up to use the bathroom, I always scared myself. I always thought it was someone else watching me. Before I could give myself a heart attack, I removed it and placed it somewhere else.

While looking at myself in the mirror, I recalled the psalmist words from Psalm 139:14 (KJV): “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Fearfully and wonderfully made. No imperfection for God. The infinite power and wisdom of God reflect in my being, in my body, in the beauty of my soul. He fills me with awe and astoundment. And the word “fearfully” as rendered here is of reverence. Fear God and revere His majesty.

People might see the worst in you or they might compliment you for your outward appearance. At times, you might be underestimated for who they think you are. But the truth is, God knows you best. You know you best! The woman you see in the mirror is your true self. She’s the fearful and wonderful soul that is distinguished among the works of God so fill your soul with reverent and devout feelings.

At times, we might not see the same reflection in the mirror because of different moods and times. However, your soul remains the same and God’s perfection remains unchangeable. So when I am down, I look at the her in the mirror, and chastise and admonish myself, “That demeanor is not what you are. Don’t let failure rip you apart and underestimate you. Boost up your ego, boost up your self-esteem and smile with delight.”

You will be surprised by the simple things that can brighten up your day and boost your ego. Staring at myself in the mirror, I wash my face, brush my hair, apply a little bit of makeup and get my day started. In my mind are thoughts of you’re fearfully and beautifully made.”

Everyone was created uniquely. There’ll never be a double of me; even identical twins are uniquely created. There are no same fingerprints. Don’t try to copy or be like someone else. God created you for a purpose. You are blessed and highly favored. Remind her in the mirror every day or, if it’s possible, every instance you use the mirror. Let no one steal your joy away and use you like a floor mat. Rise up! Cherish her in the mirror. Admire her. Do this and you’ll see a reflection in the mirror different from the one before.

Mirror her. She’s your true self.


Jesmina Hebbert Meade is an inspired writer of songs, and fiction and nonfictional inspirational Christian books. A theologian and mother of two boys, she is married to Verlin Meade, a musician and evangelist. Ms. Meade’s books are available on Amazon.

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