Just Thinking…

by Latricia C. Bailey

Lately, I have been “just thinking” about everything! It seems like it doesn’t matter how much I try to disregard all the craziness going on either in my life, someone else’s life, or society as a whole, I just can’t stop “just thinking”!

For example, I think about my health, my family’s health, those loved ones who have recently died, my finances, the economy, the President who most people never really believed would ever come to be President. I think about my neighbors, friends, strangers, and haters. I think about sleeping all day or staying up all night. I think about investing, making retirement decisions, my children’s education. I think about my husband, his health, his attention, his choices for our family. I think about my church, our worship, our commitments, our ministries, and our prayer life. I think about my future, my past, my present circumstances, my decisions and indecision. I think about exercising, and I think about not exercising. I think about what to cook for dinner. I think about not cooking at all. I think about leftovers in the refrigerator, and what a waste it is to throw them out. I think about when my refrigerator was empty on a regular basis, and how we longed for leftovers. I think about starving families, and how I can help them. I think about all the scam artists out scheming on the elderly or hard-working people who are just hoping to get through to the next day.

I think about working from home and the flexibility it brings. I think about leaving home for an outside job and being able to speak to people face-to-face without a cellphone, email, or online chat room involved. I think about spending time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and others. I think about what a waste of time it has been, yet such a necessary way to keep in touch with people. I think about opening up and just putting myself on BLAST by sharing “my business”, then I think about all of the hackers and scammers who would take advantage of my life. I think about starting a production company, a theater group, a training service, writing articles, doing interior/staging design, and lots of other things that would involve some creativity and fun.

I think about thinking so much that it is overwhelming and can often be a difficult place to be in. Then, (yes, there is a then) I think about my God’s goodness, and His grace, and His mercy, and His favor, and His love for me! Then, I think about His joy, and His peace, and His unfailing forgiveness. I think about how He loved me so much that He sent His precious son, Jesus, to stand in my wretched place to die just for me! I think about how much of a sacrifice it took for Jesus to give His life (because no one could take it from Him) for my faults, my shame, my bitterness, my poor health, my circumstances, my lack, my greed, my pain, my wrong motives, my indecision, my anger, my jealousy, my heartache, my sorrow, my miscommunication, my doubt, my fear, and all of my stinkin’ thinkin’! Only a true God could die for you and me, and keep on loving us UNCONDITIONALLY. He didn’t have to think about whether we were worth dying for; He just did it because He believed we were.

No matter what situation you may be in or going through or whatever thought you may have about your life, someone else’s life, or life in general, try thinking about God’s love, His goodness, and His grace. Think about how a loving and kind, but fearless and bold God could take time to think about you and me and empty our concerns with His. He reminds us to cast our cares on Him because He cares for us. His love covers a multitude of sins, and for Him we should live because it is only in Him we breathe, move and live. Think about Him, and all other thoughts will diminish in your mind as being overwhelming. Think on His Word, and by faith, your thoughts will be just fine.

This post originally appeared on the LCB Consulting & Design Blog.


2 thoughts on “Just Thinking…

  1. ‘I think’ this piece should be ‘required’ reading as we all work to get back into the groove called ‘living our lives’ on the outside again. Powerful message.

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