A Mother’s Prayer for Seen and Unseen Dangers (Revised)

by Harriett V. Bennett

He will keep you safe from all hidden dangers and from all deadly diseases.

Psalm 91:3 (GNB)

Dear Ma,

Another Mother’s Day is here. Lot going on and celebration is a challenge. Quite honestly, Ma, in the midst of the observance, as a black mother, I join other black mothers asking themselves which of these should we be more concerned about: that our black sons would fall victim in America to the danger of the unseen coronavirus OR the unseen danger too commonly associated with “living in black skin”?  They’re spending mega-bucks nonstop to find a cure for the former. As for the latter, all the money in the world won’t guarantee a “cure” for the evil that manifests itself in the heart and mind of man. That treatment can ONLY work from a WILLingness to accept and follow Divine Intervention.

So, Ma, I will continue to pray as I do, as so many other black mothers do that my son be kept by the power of God from both dangers seen and unseen (Psalm 91:3 GNT).  The ones seen are bad enough so we can’t even begin to imagine the unseen warfare going on in the spirit realm all around us.  And should the unthinkable because of “living while in black skin” be the reality for one black mother, it affects us all.  At the very least, we ask for justice.  Ma, clearly this is not a typical Mother’s Day message.  However, I’m fueled by the black mother who poured into me—a strong voice, GOD-fearing, sweet Georgia peach of a lady—you, Ma. Thank you. Miss you. Love you 4Ever, Carolyn Cornelia. 

This black mother is praying for/standing with Wanda Jones, mother of Ahmaud Arbery.  #wordzwoman-HarriettBennett


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