A Hug from God

by Sharman J. Monroe

We usually put our Christmas decorations up on December 15th. But, because of all turmoil surrounding COVID-19, we decided to put them up right after Thanksgiving to bring joy and cheeriness into our home and life.

When I was growing up, the family Christmas tree always had blinking lights, so for me, a Christmas tree isn’t a Christmas tree without blinking lights. I unpacked the tree lights that have been stored in the attic. I plugged in the various sets to test them. Some sets didn’t blink at all and, on the multi-color bulb sets, one color blinked. Grrr! They blinked last year. (What happens to lights in storage anyway?? There are off for eleven months!) Of course, I couldn’t find a blinker lightbulb to insert in a set.  I started thinking, I should get a blinker plug like the one we used when I was a child.

What’s a blinker plug you ask? Glad you asked. A blinker plug is a plug that you plug lights into, then plug the blinker into an outlet. (Lots of plugs here! LOL) Any lights attached to the blinker will blink. Hmm…where to get one? I went online to do a search. None in any stores. But, I did find blinkers…on eBay. There are vintage now. The average price was $15. I didn’t want to pay that much. I sighed and resigned myself to a Christmas tree without blinking lights this year.

As I was getting more ornaments for the tree out of the storage container, I was led to dig down in the left corner. Lo and behold! There was a blinker plug! OMG, I didn’t know I had one! I didn’t even remember buying it! Immediately, I thought that it probably was broken so I plugged a string of lights into it to see if it still worked. It did!

I teared up. I shook my head. I smiled. I prayed, “Thank you, Lord. You heard me. You know how much it meant to me to have blinking lights on my tree. It wasn’t something major in my life, but You provided anyway. Thank you for providing a desire of my heart.”

Square in my face was the truth: God cares for me. He cares about the big things in my life and He cares about the small things in my life. And God cares about you, and all the big things and all the little things in your life.

Now when I look at my tree throughout the day (I turn on the Christmas lights when I wake up in the morning), I see God providing. I see a hug from God.

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