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The “X” Factor

by Harriett Bennett

Streaming red, blue, yellow and green lights
Shine so brilliantly along the city streets at night

Bargain basement mark downs and mega mall sales
Shopping made easy online, cards now sent and received more often through email

Making the rounds of never-ending holiday parties
There’s always an old Saint Nick character maybe a little tipsy whose laugh is so hearty

A child opens that first gift expecting to see something bigger and more expensive in the next
Any wonder why some think the Christ in Christmas has been replaced with an X?

Travel back in time with me to a place called Bethlehem
Where a man named Joseph and a very pregnant Mary could find no room available to them

So to a stable they went and there they would make a place to lay
And await the soon-to-come child, who would be born among the animals and the hay

And word of his birth brought poor and rich together from far and wide
Bearing gifts from ordinary to extraordinary placed at the infant’s feet and side

But what of his mother Mary who endured earthly scrutiny to birth the child who was both man and heavenly being,
As she held her baby Jesus and gifted us He who would one day cleanse us from every sinful thing

So remember Mary’s obedience to God on High to do His will here below
And keep the Christ in Christmas, for He isn’t an X factor, but born to die, which is something that Mary had to know.

From The Truth About Onions: Writings of Help, Healing, and Hope by Harriett V. Bennett



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A Love Deferred? (Prologue)

by Harriett V. Bennett

Straight from the author, your special peak into the novel A Love Derferred? This is the prologue:

Her Story (Ronni)

What happens to a love deferred?  Does it keep its aromatic beginnings or does it take on the pungent decay that happens to most living things when left unattended over time?  I have asked myself that question dozens, no, hundreds of times over these many years – smitten, infatuated, love struck.  I can’t pick just one because they all apply to how I felt, and still feel about a certain someone whom I have carried in my heart, although maybe not always in the forefront, for as long as I can remember those first real feelings of warmth that a young girl gets when she knows that she has met her first love, someone she thinks could be her forever love.

Of course, there are some who know me Continue reading


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I Questioned God Today

By Harriett V. Bennett

I questioned God today
But wouldn’t be still long enough to hear what He had to say
I thought I was angry with Him
Because my life seemed so grim
And my state of mind was equally gray

I questioned God today
And a still small voice, responded, “Daughter, pray.”
For the answer you seek
Racking your brain, from week to weak
Lies in your heart, for there, I am never far away Continue reading

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