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What Has God Done for Us Lately?

by Lanette R.  Frazier

I want to REMIND ALL OF US of what God has done for us lately.  We tend to get so caught up on our emotions and circumstances from day-to-day that we truly tend to forget WHAT GOD HAS DONE FOR US LATELY!

I recognize that we all have been going through some things and might not be able to see our way clearly all the time, but we always need to remember one thing no matter what.  We need to always give thanks to the Lord, not just  because of what he HAS done for us, not just for what HE IS doing for us, and not just for what he is ABOUT to do for us.  We need to give thanks to the Lord just because HE is Lord and He is worthy to be praised.

He is our source of strength.  He makes it so that we are able to endure and have victory over the snares of the enemy.  That in itself should put a song in your heart and Continue reading


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