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Missing Piece of the Puzzle

By: Carlyn Paschall

Here I am reading nice, inspirational messages and scripture quotes from a certain individual on Facebook and just when I thought maybe the person had changed (despite being told otherwise), within 48 hours, someone told me that the person was in jail. What! No, the person hadn’t committed murder or robbed a bank. The person was jailed for something known, but failed to resolve.  The person had years to correct it. Oh, and the person had been warned by law enforcement before that he/she would be locked up if the issue wasn’t taken care of.

Not only did one of the person’s parents post bail, Continue reading

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Who Me?

by Chris Allen

It always brings tears to my eyes when I watch awards shows. Seeing the nominee who has no idea or thinks that he/she will hear their named called. Then it happens. They hear their name, there’s the sheer look of amazement, the shock on their face, their hands covering their mouth as it drops open. They begin looking around in utter disbelief, as if to get another’s approval, asking with their eyes, “Who me…Did you know?” The tears, the hugs, the slow walk to the stage, while trying to gather their thoughts and emotions together, because they have no speech prepared. “What will I say? Who I will thank? I hope I don’t forget anyone or make a fool of myself.” January 10, 2009 was like that for me. Let me explain.

Two weeks earlier, my church’s Minister of Music, Tangie Rowe, announced that the choir would host Continue reading

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