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Day 26 Proverbs Challenge: Ever Been A Fool?

by Tammy Phillips

Do not answer a fool according to his folly,

Lest you also be like him.

Answer a fool according to his folly,

Lest he be wise in his own eyes.

He who sends a message by the hand of a fool,

off his own feet and drinks violence.

Like the legs of the lame that hang limp,

Is a proverb in the mouth of fools.

Like one who binds a stone in a sling, Is he who gives honor to a fool.

Like a thorn that goes into the hand of a drunkard,

Is a proverb in the mouth of fools.

The great God who formed everything,

Gives the fool his hire and the transgressor his wages.

As a dog returns to his own vomit, So a fool repeats his folly.

Proverbs 26:4-11 (NKJV)

Proverb 26 makes several unflattering comments about fools, so I know being considered one is not good. According to Dictionary.com, one definition for fool is “a silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgment or sense.”

The Bible is full of foolish people. Adam and Eve, who listened to a serpent, were fools (Genesis 3). The man whose debt was forgiven, but who would not extend mercy when he ran into the person indebted to him, was a fool (Matthew 18:21-34). Judas, Continue reading

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Day 25 Proverbs Challenge: A Broken Foot

by Tammy Phillips

“Putting confidence in an unreliable person in times of trouble

is like chewing with a broken tooth or walking on a lame foot.” (NLT)

“Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble

Is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint.” (NJKV)

Proverb 25:19

Missionaries, lay leaders and pastors from around the world came to a church for extensive leadership training. The church’s radio program had thousands of regular listeners.   As the result of their many weekly services, souls, by the hundreds, shouted that Jesus was their Savior and Lord. Financially independent, this church was glorifying God.

But then their leader, an internationally renowned Bible teacher and married father, refused to give up his girlfriend. The church leadership begged him to give her up, repent, receive correction and move forward. He ignored the requests and continued in his leadership role.

When the indiscretion became public, the consequences were quick and severe. Hundreds left the church, turned off the radio show and stayed away from church. Financial difficulties hit the church. But many people continued to follow the unfaithful pastor.   Continue reading

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Day 24 Proverbs Challenge: An Excellent Speech

by Harriett V. Bennett


“A house is built by wisdom, and becomes strong through good sense.”

Proverbs 24:3 (NLT)

“An honest answer is like a kiss of friendship.”

Proverbs 24:26 (NLT)

I squeezed the phone as tight as I could, wanting to break it into a million pieces!  I sat at the top of the basement stairs, wounded – wishing I was invisible – but—not.   I was angry after that painful conversation I just got off of, holding on to someone I thought was for me.  But more angry at myself that I didn’t even see that ‘left hook to the heart’ coming.  I just wanted to wallow in self-pity for a bit. This was my wake up call.

I got up from the step, hung up the phone and stood numb in the kitchen.  I heard my father in the living room fussing at the radio as if the baseball coaches could hear his reaction to a failed play.  The game broke for commercials and he got quiet.  Why couldn’t I be invisible and just pass by him unnoticed. I needed to go off the grid for a while.

I turned off the kitchen light and started walking towards him, trying to act like nothing was wrong.  My Daddy could see through my pretense a mile away.   Continue reading

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Day 23 Proverbs Challenge: Do What Jesus Did

by Sharman J. Monroe

“My son, give me your heart,
And let your eyes observe my ways.”

Proverbs 23:26 (NKJV)

We face thousands of questions everyday. Should I wear this or that? Should I take quit this job for another? Should I leave this marriage or stay and work on it? Should I get a new car? Should I straighten out the person spreading lies about me? Should I help my brother . . . again? Should I buy that house? How can I get back the friend who betrayed me? Should I just turn my back on my drug-addicted or alcohol-addicted child? Should I just give up all hope that things will change for the better?

The Bible has the answers to all these questions. Of course, the answers don’t just pop out at you — Psalm 199:1 “Ye shall wear the comfortable shoes today.” Continue reading

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