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It’s A New Year! 2018 — My Year of New Beginnings

by Chris Allen

At this year’s combined New Year’s revival hosted Greater Mt. Calvary and First Baptist of Glenarden, God spoke rhema words to me through each speaker in such a cohesive and distinct way that did not just give me marching orders for 2018, but spoke directly to my destiny! But, because of the essence of time, I can’t share everything, but I want to share with you three things the Lord spoke to me.

  1. Through Bishop Rudolph Mckissick, Jr. – You Have The Assignment to Carry Greatness.

God was speaking to me about the assignment He gave me eight years ago while attending a multiple sclerosis with my mother, who had been diagnosed with the disease. As the presenters were sharing information, there was an interruption. The Holy Spirit started downloading a vision that I wrote on the pad provided for us to take notes on. By the time He finished, Anointed Women In Christ (AWIC) was birthed. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get out of there to share with my BFF what God had given me. And we hit the ground running! We registered the business ministry, developed a team, set the date and signed the contract for October 7-9, 2011 at the National Conference Center. How many of you know that God declares the end before the beginning, but there is also the middle and in the middle of it, I had to go through this to get to that, which is the second word God spoke to me.

  1. Through Evangelist Joyce Rodgers I Had to Go Through This to Get That.

I had to go through the separation, the divorce, the betrayal, being lied on, being overlooked, being denied, being mistreated, being talked about. All of those things God allowed, but they all had purpose. And lastly, He spoke Continue reading

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What’s Your Status?

What’s Your Status?

By: Chris Allen

“What’s your status?” is not only a popular term on Facebook, but also amongst people; Are you still single? You’re not married yet? When are you going to settle down? Are you still married to ________? As if the answer will somehow determine your state of being or they will determine based on your answer that you are doing ok.

Your status does not determine your happiness, joy or contentment or at least it shouldn’t. In Phil. 4:11 Paul says “I have learned to be content in whatever state I find myself in.” There is nothing on earth that last forever. We don’t know from moment to moment where we will end up in life or where this life will take us. For those of you who are married, you could suddenly find yourself single via divorce or becoming widowed. I know firsthand being previously married for 20 years and finding myself single for the last 2 years via divorce and it was not my idea. That is why it is so important that Continue reading


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Print   By: Chris Allen

Satisfied: to have enough; to be full… sufficient.

 God purposely put in us an empty space. This space is called an innate spirit that God and God alone can completely fill. God did this because, although He has given us free will of choice, His desire is for us to choose Him to fill that space.  But due to sin, selfishness, self-centeredness, pride, and the deception of Satan, we try to fill that space with everything but God which leads us to live empty and defeated lives chasing only what God can give us. We fall into the sin of idolatry, putting people, places and things in the place of God.  

Why do we “work so hard for things that are not enough, that can never fill you up, and are endlessly insufficient?” (Beth Moore)
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We Need To Be Prayer Warriors!

Praying Hands

Image by C Jill Reed via Flickr

by Chris Allen

 Praise the Lord and welcome to AWIC’s message of prayer.  For this is your prelude to your date with destiny. For prayer is your preparation for all things.  So the purpose of this message is to teach you to a Prayer Warrior.  The Lord told me to break it down using the word PURPOSE.


P – PRAYER WARRIOR You must seek God for guidance for healing and restoration for you can do nothing unless the Lord so orders.  How can you do that without prayer? For prayer is your communication with God.  Prayer is your intimacy with God. Prayer gets answers from God.  Prayer moves the hand of God and invites Him in to take action.  Prayer puts you in the very presence of God.  For the Word says to pray always with all kinds of prayers and supplications. WE NEED TO BE PRAYER WARRIORS!

U- USED OF GOD – God desires to use you as a vessel. Continue reading


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