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by Latricia C. Bailey

Whatever state I find, myself in, I’ve learned how to be secure knowing that God will supply all my needs and will work things out for my good. It will get better . . . God is in control.”

This is the song that keeps playing in my spirit and reminds me of God’s Word in Philippians 4:11 that talks about being content in whatever state I find myself in because God is always in control. The song is in my spirit because we sang it in church during the Installation/Consecration Service earlier this year. It was a great worship service, and the new Chair of the Prince Georges Baptist Association is off the chain for God! He preached from Psalms 119:133, which tells about the Lord directing or ordering our steps in His Word, and to let no iniquity have dominion over us. God is the one who orders our steps, and we need to have ordered steps in Christ, not be like “Chicken Little”, being scared at every little whim or falling apart every time something happens.

The song, Better, also reminds me of being better and content even when my “state” is as an offender. It is easy to be the one who was offended by someone else, but what happens when you are the one who offended someone else? How do you remain content in this state? It is an embarrassing, frustrating, isolated, and lonely place to be in. Sometimes it feels stifling. People can take the position of feeling guilty about offending someone or others, or they can take the position of dismissing it as something the victim should just get over. Another position is to stay neutral and do nothing. Well, the Word of God tells us Continue reading

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Unforgiveness Affecting Your Health?

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By Carlyn Paschall

Are you drinking the proverbial poison and expecting the other person to die? That’s what happens when we refuse to forgive. The person goes on with their life, while we are holding the bag of hurt they left behind. Just think, how many people have we, unintentionally or intentionally, hurt with our words or actions? Did God forgive us? When we walk in unforgiveness, we’re actually walking in sin, causing harm to ourselves, spiritually and physically. Continue reading


February 12, 2015 · 3:47 pm

Are You Resource-full?

by Sharman J. Monroe

    Pastor Terrell is teaching a series on Godly stewardship right now. As part of his teaching, he talked about resources and our need to exercise stewardship over our resources. So he asked the question…..what are your resources? He told us to write down our resources. I wrote communication skills, computer skills, patience, and administrative skills. As we wrote, he pointed out that money is not our only resource, but that a resource is anything “what you bring to the table”. Pastor then referred to Joseph of the Old Testament, the one sold into slavery by his brothers who later became second in command over all of Egypt. (Gen 37:1-50:22). He said Joseph’s resources were favor, faith and forgiveness. He then stated so many people struggle and fail in life because they are not aware of their resources and charged us to think, during the week, about what our resources were.
Well, after I left church, thinking about my resources was the last thing on my mind. But during my devotional time that week, as I was reading 1 John 2:24-3:3, I came to this verse:

              But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you… 1 John 2:27 (NJKV)

    Hmmm. I stopped. I highlighted. I started meditating over this scripture and thinking about resources. Continue reading


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A Cheerful Receiver (re-posted)

by Sharman J. Monroe

A couple of weeks ago I locked my car keys in the trunk. I went back into my house to find the two spare keys I knew were there, but I could find neither.  I asked God to show me where the keys were, but heard nothing.  Since my request was not contrary to God’s Word, I knew the answer was “wait”.  I told people what happened (it got to be very funny).  They each said the same thing – God wanted me to be still and not to pay to get a key made.  I also told people what I was doing while I was waiting to hear from God – I wasn’t upset because the car was beside my house and I talked to God several times a day asking Him to show me where the keys were in my house.  I knew God had allowed this to happen to me so I was desperate to find out what I was supposed to learn from this incident, to pass my test, and move on.  I felt like Jonah in the whale.  So I also asked God to show me what I had failed to do for Him so I could now obey.  I started to do all the things that had been sitting for months on my To-Do list.  While I was waiting, I used my daughter’s car or Metro.  Sometimes, I would ask friends for a ride to places, but not often.  When I did ask, they were glad to do so; no one declined or made a snide remark.  Nevertheless, I felt uncomfortable asking for a ride.  I felt it diminished me.  I felt it was a huge red neon sign telling people something was wrong with me.  I felt they would harshly judge and criticize me.  I also felt they expected something tangible from me in return.  I was comfortable being the giver, not the receiver. Continue reading

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