Tam’s Tidbits

Stop Complaining  Tammy A. Phillips My early days as a full-time missionary did not fill me with joy.  Mosquitoes had left bruises, bumps, scars and the remnants of all three on my limbs, feet, neck and face.  The Internet was as reliable as a Jamaican snowman.   Transportation, food and electricity were shamefully expensive.  Most people… Continue reading Tam’s Tidbits

What Has God Done for Us Lately?

by Lanette R.  Frazier I want to REMIND ALL OF US of what God has done for us lately.  We tend to get so caught up on our emotions and circumstances from day-to-day that we truly tend to forget WHAT GOD HAS DONE FOR US LATELY! I recognize that we all have been going through… Continue reading What Has God Done for Us Lately?

Keep Pedaling and Keep Pressing One

by Sharman J. Monroe I decided to break the routine in my daily exercise and do cycling on Wii© Fit Plus.  Although this is a video game, it simulates the real deal of bicycling and is a lower body cardio workout.  To do cycling, you stand on the Wii board and pedal just like you… Continue reading Keep Pedaling and Keep Pressing One

Are You Resource-full?

by Sharman J. Monroe     Pastor Terrell is teaching a series on Godly stewardship right now. As part of his teaching, he talked about resources and our need to exercise stewardship over our resources. So he asked the question…..what are your resources? He told us to write down our resources. I wrote communication skills, computer… Continue reading Are You Resource-full?