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Healing the Brokenness from Hurricane Sandy

by Sharman J. Monroe

This week, Hurricane Sandy smashed into the eastern United States from the coastline to as far inland as West Virginia.   It left behind such widespread and diverse devastation due to high winds, heavy snowfall, flooding and power outages.  While property was loss, the most important losses were of people and of their spirit.  I recently re-read Max Lucado’s book, “God is Closer Than You Think” wherein he says God is all around us all the time, even in the ordinary.  Like the Where’s Waldo pictures, if you clear your mind and focus on God, you will find Him.  So I looked for God in all this but I didn’t want to write a typical message about going through the storms of life.  Then a word popped into my mind – brokenness.

In the Old Testament, Continue reading


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Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready for The Experience!!!

by Lisa Banks Williams

So are you really ready?  Maybe you’re not, but God is ready for you.  Have you been struggling with an issue all by yourself?  Are you feeling that no one knows what you are going through or feeling?  Are you tried to trying to gain a victory over an area of your life and you have no idea how you are going to make it? Well my sister, the Lord is calling you!  Come to The Experience!

He wants us to have victory.   He says we should praise Him now because He always causes us to be victorious in Him.  The problem is we are typically too busy trying to make it work ourselves.  Try Jesus! He says He is the way, the truth, and the life.  If your way, your life and your truth aren’t working for you, we offer you Jesus.  He is the only one I know that can change your ways, change your life and lets you tell the truth about it.

You see, Jesus changed my life when He showed me another way to live and another way to love.   Continue reading

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