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At the Red Sea

by Sharman J. Monroe

A few weeks ago, my friends and I booked a tour of the Grand Canyon. When we woke up on the morning of our tour, it was raining in Phoenix. We didn’t care.   We were excited! We were going to see the Grand Canyon. We hurried down to the hotel lobby to wait for tour guide to pick us up. When the front desk staff heard we were going to the Grand Canyon, they apologized for the rain. “It rains in Phoenix only about every four months and we are so sorry it’s raining today!” they said. We said, “It’s okay; we’re going to see the Grand Canyon!” When our guide Scott (who, by the way, is the awesomest guide at Southwest Tours so ask for him when you book your tour) picked us up, he apologized for the rain. We said, “It’s okay; we’re going to see the Grand Canyon!”

 Our first stop was in Sedona at Bell Rock, a magnificent red butte reaching about 5,000 feet high. As we were buying snacks for the road, the lady at the counter asked us if we were going to the Canyon. We promptly said, “Yes!” to which she said, “I’m so sorry it’s raining today! It rarely rains around here. Yesterday was so beautiful. You should have come yesterday.” We said, “It’s okay; we’re going to see the Grand Canyon!” We took pictures under umbrellas at Bell Rock then got back into the van to travel to the Grand Canyon.

Bell Rock in Sedona

Bell Rock in Sedona

It continued to rain. We couldn’t see the tumbleweeds Continue reading


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DivaA Digest



Lynnette McCollum Haywood

I was in my car and had just dropped my son off at school.  I took a deep breath because I was dreading the second part of my commute to work.  I had to drive through the District of Columbia to get to my office in Virginia.  That is a drive that taxes even the most experienced driver.  I poke along inch by inch watching the more impatient drivers switch from lane to lane, as if it makes an ounce of difference.  The radio is on but I am only half listening to the voices on talk radio espousing their two cent opinions about President Obama and the economy, foreign policy, heath care reform, or whatever issue was stuck in their craw for the day.  I am also a bit antsy over the meeting that I have scheduled for the day and am going over everything in my head trying to assure myself that I hadn’t missed anything. Continue reading

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Missing Piece of the Puzzle

By: Carlyn Paschall

Here I am reading nice, inspirational messages and scripture quotes from a certain individual on Facebook and just when I thought maybe the person had changed (despite being told otherwise), within 48 hours, someone told me that the person was in jail. What! No, the person hadn’t committed murder or robbed a bank. The person was jailed for something known, but failed to resolve.  The person had years to correct it. Oh, and the person had been warned by law enforcement before that he/she would be locked up if the issue wasn’t taken care of.

Not only did one of the person’s parents post bail, Continue reading

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