The First Thursday in November

by Sharman J. Monroe The fourth Thursday in the month of November is set aside as Thanksgiving Day. It’s a national holiday in the U.S. A time for family and friends to gather together to laugh, catch-up, watch football games and eat foods they’ve been waiting to eat all year to eat (like stuffing!) Gratitude… Continue reading The First Thursday in November

The Best Gift Ever

by Sharman J. Monroe Today is Christmas Eve, the height of the holiday season.  If you are buying gifts, wrapping gifts or buying food to share with family and friends, you are blessed.  If you are financially strapped and your giving is limited, you are blessed.  Why? Because each and every one of you has… Continue reading The Best Gift Ever

Healing the Brokenness from Hurricane Sandy

by Sharman J. Monroe This week, Hurricane Sandy smashed into the eastern United States from the coastline to as far inland as West Virginia.   It left behind such widespread and diverse devastation due to high winds, heavy snowfall, flooding and power outages.  While property was loss, the most important losses were of people and of… Continue reading Healing the Brokenness from Hurricane Sandy