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Lynnette McCollum Haywood

I was in my car and had just dropped my son off at school.  I took a deep breath because I was dreading the second part of my commute to work.  I had to drive through the District of Columbia to get to my office in Virginia.  That is a drive that taxes even the most experienced driver.  I poke along inch by inch watching the more impatient drivers switch from lane to lane, as if it makes an ounce of difference.  The radio is on but I am only half listening to the voices on talk radio espousing their two cent opinions about President Obama and the economy, foreign policy, heath care reform, or whatever issue was stuck in their craw for the day.  I am also a bit antsy over the meeting that I have scheduled for the day and am going over everything in my head trying to assure myself that I hadn’t missed anything. Continue reading

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