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A Cheerful Receiver (re-posted)

by Sharman J. Monroe

A couple of weeks ago I locked my car keys in the trunk. I went back into my house to find the two spare keys I knew were there, but I could find neither.  I asked God to show me where the keys were, but heard nothing.  Since my request was not contrary to God’s Word, I knew the answer was “wait”.  I told people what happened (it got to be very funny).  They each said the same thing – God wanted me to be still and not to pay to get a key made.  I also told people what I was doing while I was waiting to hear from God – I wasn’t upset because the car was beside my house and I talked to God several times a day asking Him to show me where the keys were in my house.  I knew God had allowed this to happen to me so I was desperate to find out what I was supposed to learn from this incident, to pass my test, and move on.  I felt like Jonah in the whale.  So I also asked God to show me what I had failed to do for Him so I could now obey.  I started to do all the things that had been sitting for months on my To-Do list.  While I was waiting, I used my daughter’s car or Metro.  Sometimes, I would ask friends for a ride to places, but not often.  When I did ask, they were glad to do so; no one declined or made a snide remark.  Nevertheless, I felt uncomfortable asking for a ride.  I felt it diminished me.  I felt it was a huge red neon sign telling people something was wrong with me.  I felt they would harshly judge and criticize me.  I also felt they expected something tangible from me in return.  I was comfortable being the giver, not the receiver. Continue reading

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