The First Thursday in November

by Sharman J. Monroe The fourth Thursday in the month of November is set aside as Thanksgiving Day. It’s a national holiday in the U.S. A time for family and friends to gather together to laugh, catch-up, watch football games and eat foods they’ve been waiting to eat all year to eat (like stuffing!) Gratitude… Continue reading The First Thursday in November

It’s All Part of the Same Spiritual Pie

by Sharman J. Monroe I’m guilty. I’ve written post after post talking about the value of reading or listening to material that improves the way you think and act.   An enlightened mind takes your thoughts and actions to new, higher levels of achievement. The Bible teaches: Do not be conformed to this world [any longer… Continue reading It’s All Part of the Same Spiritual Pie

Walking on Water

by Sharman J. Monroe You may not know, but in addition to managing this blog, I also write a blog on personal development called My Journey to Me: Personal Development and Re-Invention (  I started the blog with the intention of turning it into a book, but never saw the commonality between the blog posts… Continue reading Walking on Water

On The Radio!

We are so excited! Sharman J. Monroe, the manager and one of the writers, of the AWIC blog will be the special guest on The G Factor Network, an internet radio show dedicated to fostering spiritual dialogue and spreading God’s Word! TV01 Christian Network Broadcast invites you to: THE G FACTOR NETWORK with SPECIAL GUEST: … Continue reading On The Radio!