Confessing the Word

Re-posted to remind us that speaking God’s Word over our lives is vital today. by Shemeka S. Barrett  Confessing or speaking words based on the Word of God out loud is a necessary and powerful part of our Christian walk.  According to Webster’s dictionary, to confess means to acknowledge or admit belief or faith in. … Continue reading Confessing the Word

The “X” Factor

by Harriett Bennett Streaming red, blue, yellow and green lights Shine so brilliantly along the city streets at night Bargain basement mark downs and mega mall sales Shopping made easy online, cards now sent and received more often through email Making the rounds of never-ending holiday parties There’s always an old Saint Nick character maybe… Continue reading The “X” Factor

New Poll: Who Did God Create First?

Who did God create first?  This question has caused arguments throughout the centuries.  We want to know what you believe so we have set up a poll so you can weigh in on the question.  This poll will be up for 1 month from October 31, 2011 to November 29, 2011.  After the poll closes, we will… Continue reading New Poll: Who Did God Create First?