It’s A New Year 2018— The Year of New Beginnings

by Min. Chris Allen I remember eight years ago being at a muscular sclerosis conference with my mother, who had been diagnosed with the disease, and as the presenters were sharing information, the Holy Spirit started downloading a vision that I wrote on the pad provided for us to take notes on. By the time… Continue reading It’s A New Year 2018— The Year of New Beginnings

Confessing the Word

Re-posted to remind us that speaking God’s Word over our lives is vital today. by Shemeka S. Barrett  Confessing or speaking words based on the Word of God out loud is a necessary and powerful part of our Christian walk.  According to Webster’s dictionary, to confess means to acknowledge or admit belief or faith in. … Continue reading Confessing the Word

We Need To Be Prayer Warriors!

by Chris Allen  Praise the Lord and welcome to AWIC’s message of prayer.  For this is your prelude to your date with destiny. For prayer is your preparation for all things.  So the purpose of this message is to teach you to a Prayer Warrior.  The Lord told me to break it down using the word… Continue reading We Need To Be Prayer Warriors!