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Tam’s Tidbits

Don’t Wait Until You Feel Like It

By: Tammy A. Phillips

While my youngest sister was studying for her nursing degree, one of her classmates committed suicide.  This woman was not known to the other students.  However, their professor announced that the entire class would be attending this young woman’s funeral.   Many complained bitterly about tolerating this inconvenience for someone they did not know.  But the professor was insistent.

Begrudgingly, dozens of students showed up at the funeral home.  What they saw broke their hearts: only two women stood in front of the casket; no one else was present.   The women, who were the dead student’s mother and sister, turned around and almost collapsed with joy when they saw the uniformed nursing students.   They profusely thanked each one for taking time out of their busy schedules to be with them.   Mother and sister were convinced that others cared about their loved one. Continue reading

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What Do You See?

by Chris Allen

John 19:26-27:  When Jesus then saw His mother and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother “Women behold your son,” Then He said to the disciple, “behold your mother!” From that hour the disciple took her to his home.

When I studied this scripture, along with other scriptures found in Luke chapter 1, where the angel Gabriel announces the birth of Jesus to Mary and her response to what He had spoken, both used the same word “behold” as Jesus did, which means to look; to see; to perceive; to remember; to understand; and to consider.

I thought there must be something there that they all saw. I wanted to use my sanctified imagination and become a roving reporter.  Well, what do reporters do you ask?  They ask questions.

I wanted to ask Jesus the question “What Do You See?”

So let’s consider what may have actually happened at the cross from Jesus’ point of view.

An Interview with Jesus

Chris – Jesus, here in the 21st century our viewers want to know what did you see from the cross? Continue reading


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