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Tam’s Tidbits

Timing is Important

by Tammy Phillips

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.” James 1:19

Lesbianism was not a national topic in the early 1980’s. Women were feminine and men were masculine; there was no celebration for the contrary. This was our reality when we walked into a women’s prison to present a Growing in Christ seminar. The chaplain and the instructor were seasoned; the rest of us were brand new. Incredulously, we watched the women walk into the gathering area; ninety women formed forty-five couples. Some of the women were more masculine than a stereotypical macho man. Our instructor was gracious; we reluctantly followed her lead.

The women were separated into small groups, facilitated by a volunteer. Each of us had at least four couples in our group. Irritation marked my face. At the first break, we descended on our passive instructor; “You’ve got to say something, do something about this.”   Her response was, “We are guests in their house. Do what we came here to do.”   This was the wrong answer, but we continued our small group facilitation after each of her lecture sessions.   Several more times we begged her to address the situation; each time she Continue reading


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Unforgiveness Affecting Your Health?

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By Carlyn Paschall

Are you drinking the proverbial poison and expecting the other person to die? That’s what happens when we refuse to forgive. The person goes on with their life, while we are holding the bag of hurt they left behind. Just think, how many people have we, unintentionally or intentionally, hurt with our words or actions? Did God forgive us? When we walk in unforgiveness, we’re actually walking in sin, causing harm to ourselves, spiritually and physically. Continue reading


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Tam’s Tidbits

Just Ask

Tammy A. Phillips

I will lift up my eyes to the hills, From whence comes my help?  My help comes from the Lord Who made heaven and earth.  Psalm 121:1-2

For a minute a hundred years ago, I worked at daycare.  One day, two toddlers were sitting underneath the table in the small cafeteria.  Several times they went from looking at the floor to seriously jabbering at each other.   The scene amused me: I went to investigate.

On the floor was a puddle of milk and in one child’s hand was a torn piece of paper towel.  It became apparent that they had been discussing how to clean up the milk.  Finally, the enterprising toddler tried to clean up the liquid with the tiny piece of paper towel.  It was completely absorbed and much of the puddle still remained on the floor.  I got a large piece of paper towel, cleaned up the mess and returned the two to their seats.

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