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by Sharman J. Monroe

I had major surgery a couple of weeks ago. Due to the advances in medicine the procedure, although major, was minimally invasive – I had an assisted robotic surgery so I didn’t have a lot of deep incisions and bandages. In fact, I was walking the evening of the surgery and released from the hospital the next day. Although I didn’t have bandages on my body, I had lots of physical restrictions on lifting, walking, bending, stooping, and using steps. When I moved, I moved slowly.

On the outside, I looked fine, normal, no different from before the surgery. But on the inside, body parts had been moved around, cut, removed and lased. On the inside, by body was adjusting to a new normal due to the surgery. Anyone who knew me and saw me walking slowly or asking for help to do small things probably thought I was being weird. They didn’t get it. They didn’t know there was something different about me. They didn’t know I had undergone surgery and was healing.

This all reminded me of 1 Samuel 16:7:

“For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” Continue reading

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