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A Love Deferred? (Prologue)

by Harriett V. Bennett

Straight from the author, your special peak into the novel A Love Derferred? This is the prologue:

Her Story (Ronni)

What happens to a love deferred?  Does it keep its aromatic beginnings or does it take on the pungent decay that happens to most living things when left unattended over time?  I have asked myself that question dozens, no, hundreds of times over these many years – smitten, infatuated, love struck.  I can’t pick just one because they all apply to how I felt, and still feel about a certain someone whom I have carried in my heart, although maybe not always in the forefront, for as long as I can remember those first real feelings of warmth that a young girl gets when she knows that she has met her first love, someone she thinks could be her forever love.

Of course, there are some who know me Continue reading


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I Questioned God Today

By Harriett V. Bennett

I questioned God today
But wouldn’t be still long enough to hear what He had to say
I thought I was angry with Him
Because my life seemed so grim
And my state of mind was equally gray

I questioned God today
And a still small voice, responded, “Daughter, pray.”
For the answer you seek
Racking your brain, from week to weak
Lies in your heart, for there, I am never far away Continue reading

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Who Me?

by Chris Allen

It always brings tears to my eyes when I watch awards shows. Seeing the nominee who has no idea or thinks that he/she will hear their named called. Then it happens. They hear their name, there’s the sheer look of amazement, the shock on their face, their hands covering their mouth as it drops open. They begin looking around in utter disbelief, as if to get another’s approval, asking with their eyes, “Who me…Did you know?” The tears, the hugs, the slow walk to the stage, while trying to gather their thoughts and emotions together, because they have no speech prepared. “What will I say? Who I will thank? I hope I don’t forget anyone or make a fool of myself.” January 10, 2009 was like that for me. Let me explain.

Two weeks earlier, my church’s Minister of Music, Tangie Rowe, announced that the choir would host Continue reading

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A Cheerful Receiver (re-posted)

by Sharman J. Monroe

A couple of weeks ago I locked my car keys in the trunk. I went back into my house to find the two spare keys I knew were there, but I could find neither.  I asked God to show me where the keys were, but heard nothing.  Since my request was not contrary to God’s Word, I knew the answer was “wait”.  I told people what happened (it got to be very funny).  They each said the same thing – God wanted me to be still and not to pay to get a key made.  I also told people what I was doing while I was waiting to hear from God – I wasn’t upset because the car was beside my house and I talked to God several times a day asking Him to show me where the keys were in my house.  I knew God had allowed this to happen to me so I was desperate to find out what I was supposed to learn from this incident, to pass my test, and move on.  I felt like Jonah in the whale.  So I also asked God to show me what I had failed to do for Him so I could now obey.  I started to do all the things that had been sitting for months on my To-Do list.  While I was waiting, I used my daughter’s car or Metro.  Sometimes, I would ask friends for a ride to places, but not often.  When I did ask, they were glad to do so; no one declined or made a snide remark.  Nevertheless, I felt uncomfortable asking for a ride.  I felt it diminished me.  I felt it was a huge red neon sign telling people something was wrong with me.  I felt they would harshly judge and criticize me.  I also felt they expected something tangible from me in return.  I was comfortable being the giver, not the receiver. Continue reading

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